Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rockets Strike Haifa

As all the world now knows, rockets launched - presumably by Hezbollah from Lebanon - have hit Israel for the first time.

What is less known is that the Hezbollah leadership is denying responsibility for it.
Hizbullah Denies It Hit Haifa

Hizbullah terrorist spokesmen announced a few minutes ago that its members were not involved in the Katyusha rocket attack on Haifa around 8 p.m. The announcement indicated that Hizbullah leaders are not in control of their members.
Got that?

Hezbollah leaders are not in control of their members, nor their members arsenals.

Either that, or they really, really want to hit Haifa, but without suffering the consequences of having their buildings in Beirut bombed.

UPDATE: I just heard Jennifer Griffin on Fox News reporting from Israel that there is some suspicion that members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, in cahoots with Hezbollah and working side by side with them, may have fired the rockets that hit Haifa, which allows Hezbollah "technically" to deny firing them.

UPDATE II: Jeff Goldstein, via ACE obviously heard the same report about the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Which is good, because I haven't seen other online confirmation of it yet. Apparently this was first reported on Israeli radio.

UPDATE III: Allahpundit at Hot Air has the video of Jennifer Griffin's report. He notes, via LGF, that CNN filed a similar report about the missile.

UPDATE IV: Vinnie at My Pet Jawa has photos of different missile and rockets and does some explaining.

UPDATE V: The All Seeing Eye at My Pet Jawa reports on a Stratfor report, that Israel is calling up its reserves, and that Stratfor's analysts are thereby predicting an incursion into the Bekaa Valley. Peretz is also stating that at the end of this operation, things won't return to the status quo. Which would be good, except that it is Peretz stating it. So who knows how much will power is behind that statement.


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