Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bring It On Baby!

As if the world did not have enough craziness this particular day, Drudge is reporting in a preliminary way that: VALERIE PLAME SUES CHENEY, ROVE, LIBBY... DEVELOPING...

Plame and her husband Joseph Wilson allege that Cheney & Co. outed her as a CIA agent in retaliation for Wilson's criticism of the White House's rationale for invading Iraq, according to a U.S. District Court complaint... In the federal complaint, which does not specify monetary damages, but seeks compensatory, exemplary, and punitive awards, Plame and Wilson charge that the defendants's actions have led them to "fear for their safety and for the safety of their children."

UPDATE: Heh! Just thinking about all that discovery on what Joe Wilson was really doing in Niger - whose one cash crop is uranium of the legal and illegal kind - and who his contacts were! Won't that be fun!

Macsmind calls this suit a dream come true. Mark Levin and John Podhoretz are also looking forward to the aggressive discovery process.

Here's Mark Levin:
Plame, and her detestable husband Joe Wilson, may well have blundered. To the extent possible, through depositions and document production, Cheney and Lewis's lawyers should get to the bottom of the real scandal, e.g., who exactly is Valerie Plame, what was her role in sending her husband to Niger, who were all of her contacts, what media sources did she speak to, what politicians did she speak to, and on and on. And the same with her husband.

The world is at war and these fools bring this lawsuit. Another 15 minutes of shame.

Here's John Podhoretz:
Thank You, Valerie Plame

This comes less than a day after Robert Novak made it blatantly clear that the revelation of her CIA employment and her name was absolutely not part of any conspiracy - and that the CIA's chief spokesman himself said nothing to him about the danger he might put her in by naming her. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, Valerie. Because, you see, if the suit is summarily dismissed, she and Joe will be laughingstocks. And if it goes any further, Dick and Karl and Scooter will have the right to do discovery - and then, I believe, Val 'n' Joe will reap the whirlwind.

Tom Maguire points to the fact that the Wilsons will have a hard time gathering classified evidence.
Well - I stand by my position that the plaintiffs will have huge problems gathering (presumably classified) evidence and recreating secret grand jury testimony, not to mention establishing damages and demonstrating that the defendants were not simply acting in their capacity as public officials.

From Clarice commenting at JustOneMinute: What a coincidence--there is a new book deal--and it was announced on the same day as this suit: "Ex-CIA Officer Finds New Memoir Publisher. That will play well in court. Along with the Vanity Fair vanity piece.


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