Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Reporting From the Arab Side: The Way Things Look the Other Way Around

Here are the accounts of what is going on from the posts of a few Arab bloggers, all of whom are opposed to Hezbollah's incursions. These accounts are all very poignant, as the writers are conscious of the idiocy of Hezbollah's long planned attack and filled with details we would not otherwise come across so easily. It is quite sad what Hezbollah has instigated, at this moment, with Lebanon well along in its economic and political recovery.

Lebanese Political Journal: Hezbollah Surpised By Their Own Attack

The Lebanese Bloggers: Breaking News Flowing

Rantings of a SandMonkey (writing in Egypt): It has begun.

The comments in all three of these accounts are interesting, where you can see individuals from different political factions within Lebanon and Egypt, respectively, and perhaps other countries as well, arguing with each other. And some Israelis commenting as well.

It's so important that these bloggers are there and are posting their frustration with the situation - to keep us well aware of the human face of the other side.


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