Friday, July 07, 2006

The Other Side of the Mountain

I learned yesterday that Jane Hamsher, the proprieter of Firedoglake, a popular far leftist blog, is (or was - now she appears to be a blogger) a Hollywood producer.

Doesn't that just explain so much! Such as her ability to reason from the facts. And her non-emotive objectivity.

Here's an account of Hamsher's quest to depose Senator Lieberman and replace him with Soros funded Ned Lamont.

And here is her response to a little mix-up she recently had with Ann Althouse, whom she depicts, along with Barbara Boxer, as a baboon and calls an idiot. Cause, you know, Ann disagrees with Jane, and didn't understand some point Jane was making.

Perhaps, Jane, the point was unclear amidst your mess of rhetoric?

I first became aware of Firedoglake's reporting on the Plame Game. And I'd say the reasoning skills Hamsher illustrates in her little back and forth with Ann yesterday are fairly well representative of her writing and reasoning skills in general.

UPDATE: Speaking of far out leftists, this column by Mark Morford in SFGate presents the eidos [the paradigmatic form] of Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS). It's the living, breathing, viral form itself.

Here's a sample.
I was having cocktails recently with a group of people, among whom were two lifetime Republicans, each in his 60s, corporate businessmen, one admittedly slightly more moderate than the other (to the point where, after once hearing a senator read off a long list of Bush's hideous environmental atrocities, actually let his conscience lead his choice and ended up voting for Kerry) but nevertheless both devoted members of the party.

So, a Kerry voter - but devoted to the party. Uh huh. In what universe?
Bush came up, as a topic, as a cancer, as a fetid miasma in the air. They were both shaking their heads. They were sighing heavily. They were both, in a word, disgusted. The more staunchly conservative of the two even went so far as to say he was so embarrassed and humiliated by this president, by this administration, so appalled at all the war atrocities and the wiretapping and the misuse of law, the fiscal irresponsibility and the abuse of the lower classes and the outright arrogance, that if the Dems could somehow produce a decent moderate candidate with a brain, he'd have zero problem switching allegiances and voting for him. Or her.

It may not sound like much. It may not seem like a major shift. But it is, in its way, sort of massive. For thoughtful Repubs with a conscience (they actually exist, I have seen them), there is little left to defend....
Snort. He doesn't have a clue. It sounds like one is a centrist and the other one is a paleo-con. And neither is representative of Bush's supporters. Nor was, from the beginning.

He continues with yards of gooey praise of Clinton:
Indeed, countless Dems were disappointed with Clinton's behavior during Monicagate. Many were ashamed that he would cheapen the office so badly by such trashy moral behavior.

But that was just a cheap little affair (our allies never understood all the fuss anyway). This was never the attitude toward Clinton's politics, his capacity to understand complex issues, his astounding political savvy. No one anywhere doubted he made the country richer, more environmentally conscious, more stable, more respected and admired. Clinton was globally adored not only for his charisma but for his contributions to world peace. Plus he could actually point to Afghanistan on a map.
This is so overwritten, I'd conclude it was satire. Except -- it was printed in SFGate. True, they also carry Debra Saunders, but one prescient writer may be their limit.


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