Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hold Her Responsible? But...She Identifies With Palestinians

Some of you may have already heard about Deb Frisch by now, the nutty leftist psycho-logist who was an adjunct professor at University of Arizona, who got so enraged by a discussion on Jeff Goldstein's Protein Wisdom that she began speaking of his two year old son in sexually explicit and threatening language. Later, in her own defense, she claimed she felt sexually intimidated by what previous bloggers had said about her. As though that justified her response. Whatever.

But now it turns out, she left out the real source of her problem, the one that would naturally make us all - and all the world - sympathize with her no matter what she did, how badly she acted.

She feels like a Palestinian. That's right.
I was denied tenure by the University of Oregon, in part because some outside reviewers called my critique of their research "confused" and "unsophisticated." It's partly due to frustration and irritation at how they dismiss and/or distort the views of other critics, especially Lola. And it's partly due to anti-Zionist feelings I've had since September 11. This combination of personal, professional and political reasons makes me nastier than necessary.

After 911, I got into the idea that my current status in academia (migrant professor) is analogous to being a Palestinian in Israel. The only difference is, I used to be a Jew (tenure-track professor). But somehow, in my mind, I've started to identify with Palestinians and Iraqis and this increases my desire to throw metaphorical rocks....
In real life, Deborah is a Jew. But obviously one that has been brainwashed by the Edward Said school of alternate history and one sided scholarship.

With a screwed up internalization process like that, I don't think it takes a psychologist to understand why an articulate Jewish conservative like Jeff Goldstein would become such a source of primal rage for her.

In the biggest irony of all, Deb, apparently used to run a Decision, Risk, and Management Program at the NSF.

But did they know she was a closet Palestinian?

Hat Tip on the Palestinian quote: Justin at Classical Values.


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