Friday, July 07, 2006

The State of Londonistan

Steve Emerson interviews Melanie Phillips on Londonistan.

UPDATE: And for an example of Londonistan in action, read Diana West's expose of how the British police dealt with protesters against the Danish Cartoon Protest. In other words, the sane people objecting to signs which presented such peaceful messages as "Behead Those Who Insult Islam," "Slay Those Who Insult Islam," "Kill Those Who Insult Islam" and "Butcher Those Who Mock Islam," etc.

The police caved to the Islamists, lest they became "riled", and held off regular Britains protesting these signs, depriving the latter of freedom of speech.

Sad to say, Israel may be the only Western government in the world unafraid of the "dread power" of the "Muslim Street".

It's no wonder then that most of these other governments are always advising Israel not to be aggressive, to do nothing in their own defense.

How seriously can Israel take advice from a Britain which has such self-defeating, Gramscian policies in place?


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