Friday, November 18, 2005

Score one, possibly two, for the Tory's David Cameron

Even here in the US hinterlands, i.e. NYC, we've heard of the fearsome BBC interviewer, Jeremy Paxman. So it's rather amusing to read, via Normblog, that David Cameron served Paxman up with some of his own dish during a recent interview:
Mr Cameron also turned the tables on Paxman, telling him: "This is the trouble with these interviews, Jeremy. You come in, sit someone down and treat them like they are some cross between a fake [and] a hypocrite. You give no time to anyone to answer any of your questions. It does your profession no favours at all and it's no good for political discourse." He later complained the interview was farcical and asked for a deal: "Maybe two sentences, and then you can interrupt."
Good for David!

And as another point in his favor, there is a rumor circulating that "that he will persuade the former leader William Hague - and possibly the thrice-defeated Kenneth Clarke - to join his shadow cabinet. 'It's a serious option,' a Cameron aide said."

Better yet, why doesn't Hague come back to fill the position of Tory leader himself? He's still my favorite Tory.


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