Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Libby Investigation Passes Go, Turns to Farce

So now Bob Woodward reveals he knew all about the Wilson-Plame affair before Libby is reputed to have mentioned it to any journalists. Woodward doesn't believe he, himself, mentioned the story to Libby, but he may have, since it is in his notes as one of the questions he had for Libby.

Furthermore, he believes he mentioned the story to Walter Pincus, at the Washington Post, but Pincus remembers differently and says that he Woodward never did.

Betsy Newmark, writing at Michelle Malkin's points out that this plague of misremembering between Pincus and Woodward is likely to impact severely the impression of the misremembering between Russert and Libby.


I imagine Libby and his legal team are dancing a jig right about now.

Moreover, this shines a terrible light on Andrea Mitchell, who it turns out, will be shown publicly to be far less honest than Woodward. Woodward came forward with an honest angle on the story, Andrea publicly lied on Don Imus' show - which was evident to anyone who saw the segment - trying to squirm out of her admission on TV in 2003, that she, as well as other reporters, knew that Plame was Joe Wilson's wife.

And Tom Maguire reports that his friends on the left are feeling very snippy at Woodward right now. Will he get any Fitzmas invitations, if he turns out to be the Grinch who finally steals Fitzmas?

Scrappleface covers the farce aspect of the case.

UPDATE: Just watched several minutes of Chris Matthews discussing this story on Hardball. There was Chris practically salivating over the fact that now the story behind the story might net Cheney. In his dreams. Meanwhile, he had Richard Cohen on, who refused to believe that the story behind the story was a "big conspiracy," rather than business as usual. Wilson wrote his editorial and the WH explained it away dismissively as "his wife got him the job." Both times Cohen made this assertion, Matthew's negative body language, in voice and reaction, was just palpable.

On Fox News, Joe diGenova stated with great force that Fitzgerald now has an absolute duty to re-calibrate his law suit based on the new information that came out, and if necessary to withdraw the charge.


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