Friday, November 11, 2005

Bush At Long Last to Take Off the Gloves...

And Hit Back at the Dems on their positions on pre-war Intelligence. And not a minute too soon. In fact, it's many minutes too late.

But how will the media cover the narrative?

Heh -- I bet they go for a preemptive strike to squelch it! Despite believing that preemptive strikes are "wrong" and "unAmerican."

We already know how the Dems will react since National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley rehearsed the argument yesterday.
Democrats immediately took issue with Hadley's account. Within minutes of his briefing, the Senate Democratic caucus issued a statement saying the responsibility did not fall on lawmakers who voted to authorize use of force: "Some critics of how the administration misused intelligence did believe that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. What these critics object to is the hyping of the intelligence by the Bush administration."
Yes, poor fools, they were taken in by that idiot George and all his evil men. Completely suckered by him and his hyping. All capacity for independent thought apparently removed.

Scrappleface makes a similar point.

As for “lying about WMD”, or even hyping them into something out of step with the National Intelligence Estimate at the time, Norman Podhoretz rightly compares that canard to a cartoon character that no matter how many times it is spectacularly killed off through facts and logic, always bounces up again. Here he slays the beast again.

Cori Dauber adds: It's About Time and points out that the Washington Post article only takes note of the WH argument, without in any way articulating it. As opposed to the attacks on the WH argument, which are recounted with depth and detail.

What did I say above. The Media will deal with this WH foray by a preemptive attack to squelch it. And this is a perfect illustration of how you squelch and delegitimize an argument in print.


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