Thursday, November 10, 2005

Archaeologists decry Wakf 'renovation'

So the Wakf wants to perpetrate more renovation on the Temple Mount, apparently in order to make the entire thing into a huge mosque complex so that any rights that Jews have, even to tread upon the ground, will eventually cease to exist entirely.
"As part of our follow-up on Wakf activities over the last years, it has become clear that these projects are part of an overall Wakf plan to turn the whole compound into one exclusive Muslim site...and we have firm basis to suppose that the Wakf's aim this time as well is to take over this structure as well and incorporate it into the mosque at the site," the November 7 letter read.
It seems to me that Sharon, having been charged with igniting the Second Intifada because of his jaunt around the top of Temple Mount, signalling not incidentally to Jewish voters that he thought Temple Mount contained an important matter of principle, is now being extra careful never to interfere with the administration of Temple Mount again. And not even to draw worldwide attention to the harm being done to Israel's most important monument.

I find that a dereliction of duty.


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