Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Not Faster, Please!

Spielberg is rushing to get out his new film, Munich, before the December deadline, so it can be considered for movie awards.

Does he have to?

Munich, you may recall, is Spielberg's take on the aftermath to the Munich massacre at the 1972 Olympics, based on a "memoir," purporting to be about an "ex-Mossad agent" who claims he took part in the hits against the Palestinian perpetrators of the massacre, as ordered by Israel. The "memoir" has been debunked as entirely fictional. And the sole security experience of the author's source, one Yuval Aviv, came from working as a security guard at El Al in New York.

In fact, the movie is really a pretext for Spielberg to comment about his ambivalence about the "good side" in today's War on Terror. And transfer that ambivalence to Israel.

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