Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Distorting The Dead

Kudos to Michelle Malkin for following up on the Corporal Jeffrey B. Starr story with an op ed in the NYPost and a blog entry.

This is the story in which the Times journalist, James Dao, distorted the meaning of the last letter of Corporal Jeffrey B. Starr by choosing to include in his article only the quotation which matched the narrative the reporter was pushing, denuded of the context found in the rest of the text of the letter. Which exhibited the Corporal's absolute belief in the mission he had signed up for three times in Iraq. Obviously the strong statement of support of the Iraq War by the Corporal did not fit the narrative that the Times daily pushes and which the Times readership enjoys so much: that the war in Iraq is wrongheaded and only causes needless, unwilling casualties.

But they support the troops. So that's all right.

Earlier post on this issue here.


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