Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Eliahu Asheri executed by the Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza?


UPDATE: Asheri's execution has now been confirmed. Apparently he was shot, as early as Sunday, soon after he first went missing.

Baruch Dayan !Emet. [Blessed is the One rightful judge. (This is the traditional prayer Jews recite upon hearing of someone's death.)]

Palestinian terrorists in Gaza claim to have fired a chemical tipped warhead into Israel. So far, that report is unconfirmed by Israel.

A Palestinian militant group said early Thursday it executed an 18- year-old Israeli settler kidnapped earlier in the West Bank. The statement from the Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza said the settler, Eliahu Asheri, had been executed.

The group, which has links to the ruling Hamas, had threatened to execute the Israeli if Israel did not halt its invasion of Gaza.

In other news, Olmert wasn't inflating his rhetoric when he claimed he was going to use extreme means to bring home Gilad Shalit, as the IDF forces has now arrested Hamas' deputy PM, other Palestinian cabinet ministers, lawmakers, etc.
Israel Defense Forces troops launched early Thursday a major arrest operation against Hamas officials, detaining more than 30 of the ruling militant group's ministers and parliamentarians in the West Bank, Palestinian security officials said.

The arrests took place in Ramallah, Qalqilyah, Hebron, Jenin and East Jerusalem, according to Palestinian reports.

In Ramallah, forces arrested Palestinian Authority deputy prime minister Nasser al-Shaer, two other cabinet ministers and four lawmakers, all from Hamas, in a raid on a complex of buildings, Palestinian security officials said.

Earlier, Labor Minister Mohammed Barghouti was stopped on his way to his village, Kabur, just north of Ramallah. Military jeeps stopped his car, ordered him out of the vehicle and took him away, the officials said.


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