Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dead, Deader, Deadest

Not as important as blogging the developing situation in Gaza. Nevertheless, when J.K. Rowling pronounces that at least three good characters will die in the final book of the Harry Potter series, it important to opine on which.

My theory is that Snape will die. For the greatest amount of pathos, if nothing else.

Snape obviously dies just as they find out he was working on their side in Voldemort's camp; where would the pathos be if he lived? And it's got to hurt, so besides Hagrid, one of his close friends will die. Probably, as Tim says, Ron, which was foreshadowed. But it could also be Luna or Ginny. Probably Luna. Maybe Ginny gets th reprieve. On the other hand, her death would trigger the right kind of despair and self loathing to make Harry want to travel to the other side.

The scar is definitely the final Horcrux. Harry is going to prepare to "sacrifice himself", because he will realize that the only way to destroy Voldemort is to die himself in the act. He thinks it is worth it. And the beauty of this ambush is that this is the kind of logic that would never occur to Voldemort, as he would never have such a thought himself. So he won't be able to counter it immediately. Harry's sacrifice will add power to the spell to make it effective enough to kill Voldemort.

But at the last minute, Hermione, the cleverest witch of her age, is going to finesse the spell in some way, so that Harry will "die" then wake, and the scar will be gone forever.

Tom Maguire reveals an interesting theory as to why Hagrid has to die. The alchemists were all into the colors black, white and red. So far, Sirius Black died, then Albus [=white] Dumbledore. So Rubeus Hagrid [=red] will die, last of the triumvirate of colors.

La Shawn Barber thinks the two characters that die are Snape and Harry. Snape, as I said yes. Harry, will appear to die and then live. Which might appeal to La Shawn because of the symbolism.

But Soccer Dad agrees with me that Harry will live. The boy who lives, after all.


At 11:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

from:lost cause casualty

Here is a farfetched theory, but what if harry isn't the one to kill voldemort, but neville longbottom, after all they were both part of the prophecy, and neville hasn't had his revenge yet.

At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

form:lost cause casualty

I mean, the entire story is all about harry, and jk rowling seems to be jumping out the window with a kids book, a crazy twist like this could come up


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