Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Flyover Country


Israel Air Force performed a flyover above Assad's palace in Syria while Assad was at the site. The planes swooped low over the summer residence of Assad, on Syria's Mediteranean coast.

Khaled Meshaal, the head of Hamas, lives in Damascus. He is known to be orchestrating the kidnapping of the IDF soldier, Gilad Shalit and, during this time, Syria is providing him with cover. Hence, the political decision to place pressure on Assad.


About the overflight, Debka reports:
One Israeli official after another struck out against Meshaal and the Syrian president during the day after the Olmert government and his security and intelligence chiefs concluded that the missing soldier’s recovery alive depends on military pressure being applied to the Syrian ruler and through him on Meshaal. It is no secret that Assad gives Hamas and its political leadership headed by Meshaal free rein to run the Hamas military arm in Gaza from Damascus.

Our intelligence sources disclose that, straight after the Israeli buzzing early Wednesday, Assad returned to Damascus and soon after, met Jordanian prime minister Maaruf Bahait (former ambassador to Israel), who had come over to discuss the Palestinian reconciliation document and the crisis in Gaza. According to our sources, Assad kept on complaining agitatedly about the Israeli over flights.
And former Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and his allies are wholeheartedly supporting the Olmert government for the first time, that I can recall, since the election.
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met Wednesday evening with opposition chief Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu to provide him with a review of the security situation and ongoing and planned Israel Defense Forces operations.

Netanyahu told Olmert he had the full backing of the Likud for all operations undertaken by the government against Palestinian terror.


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