Friday, March 31, 2006

Will There Be Jews in France in 10-15 Year?

"All the Jews in France want one thing, to leave for Israel or the United States," said [Murielle Brami, 42, whose parents immigrated to France to escape anti-Jewish riots in Tunisia]. That is hyperbole, but it is a sign of the anxiety percolating through France's Jewish community. "When our parents came, it was paradise here," said Ms. Brami, who remembers staying out late without worrying about her safety.

Now she avoids certain neighborhoods even in the day and no longer allows her son to wear a yarmulke in the street after some youths put a knife to his throat last year.
Remember last year when we were being "officially" reassured that the situation for Jews in France had changed?

[Hat Tip: Solomonia]


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