Thursday, March 30, 2006

Can We Have the Election Again?

Which is worse?

The Israeli Finance or the Defense Portfolio in the hands of Labor?

I think its equal opportunity horribility.
The struggle for the finance portfolio is likely to be at the center of negotiations to build the next coalition. Although finance is considered one of the top three portfolios, it will probably become even more prominent, in view of the priority of social economic issues caused by the composition of the 17th Knesset.
Therefore, opinion is growing in Kadima that it should hold onto the finance portfolio in order to lead social change, rather than handing the portfolio over to its senior coalition partner, presumably Labor, thereby strengthening its political support ahead of the next elections...

Since it won fewer seats than expected and because it prefers the finance portfolio, Kadima will have to concede the defense portfolio to its senior coalition partner, after Olmert promised the foreign affairs portfolio to Tzippi Livni, who is also the leading candidate for the post of acting prime minister.

Labor Party chairman MK Amir Perez's associates are already readying him for the possibility that Labor will not receive the finance portfolio, and they are trying to get him to accept the defense portfolio, which will strengthen his position within the party. Other Labor Party sources are proposing to give the defense portfolio to Ami Ayalon, while Perez will channel his social welfare energy to the labor and social affairs portfolio, after labor is separated from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.
Anyone know anything about Ami Ayalon?


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