Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Unmistakably Smelly

Christopher Hitchens, no friend of Israel, as he makes clear in the article, delivers his normal trenchant analysis on the now notorious Mearsheimer and Walt Jewish Lobby paper.
Mearsheimer and Walt belong to that vapid school that essentially wishes that the war with jihadism had never started. Their wish is father to the thought that there must be some way, short of a fight, to get around this confrontation. Wishfulness has led them to seriously mischaracterize the origins of the problem and to produce an article that is redeemed from complete dullness and mediocrity only by being slightly but unmistakably smelly.
And Vital Perspectives lets us know that:
Stephen M. Walt, the academic dean of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and the co-author of "The Israel Lobby" will resign his administrative post on June 30. He will remain at the school as a professor. School officials deny that there is any relation between this move and the paper.
Uh huh. That latter point definitely rings "true."


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