Monday, March 27, 2006

Out of the Mouth of [College] Babes...

Writing in the Yale Daily, Yale Senior James Kirchick discusses the reaction of his fellow Yalies to the presence of Rahmatullah Hashemi on campus.
Outrage over religious fascism ought to be the province of American liberals. But in Hashemi's case it has been almost entirely trumpeted by Fox News, the Wall Street Journal editorial page and right-wing bloggers. A friend of mine recently remarked that part of his and his peers' nonchalance (and in some cases, support for) Hashemi has to do with the fact that the right has seized upon the issue. Our politics have become so polarized that many are willing to take positions based on the inverse of their opponents'. This abandonment of classical liberal values at the expense of political gamesmanship has consequences that reach far beyond Yale; it hurts our national discourse.
Well yeah. that's the reason for the very odd and immoral alliance between extreme left and religio-fascistic government and religious oligarchies these days. Some people on the left are willing to overlook a whole lot in their "allies" because they share a loathing of Bush.

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