Friday, March 24, 2006

The Ivy League Moral Wilderness

The dementia which has gripped much of the leftist intellectual elite is spreading through the Ivy League, once-upon-a-time the most prestigious universities in America. Harvard fired its president and published anti-Semitic claptrap, Yale invites the Goebbels of the Taliban to be a student, and Columbia has a Middle Eastern Studies department where Jewish students complain of harassment, and has accepted money from Libyan dictator Ghadafi and hosted a speech (via television) in which he called for the overthrow of democracy.

Now there is a new scandal at Columbia brought to our attention by the NYSun, my favorite newspaper.

Unfortunately subscriber only, but more details are cited at The American Thinker.

And speaking of the Taliban kerfuffle at Yale, it now turns out that "uber-liberal" Yale university preferred to accept former Taliban spokesman Ramatullah Hashemi, with his fourth grade education, rather than any talented women repressed under the Taliban who had to study in secret, at the risk of their lives.
A statement from Yale University, defending its decision to admit former Taliban spokesman Ramatullah Hashemi, explained that he had "escaped the wreckage of Afghanistan." To anyone who is aware of the Taliban's barbaric treatment of the Afghan people, such words are offensive--as if Mr. Hashemi were not himself part of the wrecking crew. It is even more disturbing to learn that, while Mr. Hashemi sailed through Yale's admissions process, the school turned down the opportunity to enroll women who really did escape the wreckage of Afghanistan.

In 2002, Yale received a letter from Paula Nirschel, the founder of the Initiative to Educate Afghan Women. The purpose of the organization, begun in that year, was to match young women in post-Taliban Afghanistan to U.S. colleges, where they could pursue a degree. Ms. Nirschel asked Yale if it wanted to award a spot in its next entering class to an Afghan woman. Yale declined.
Is that, perchance, because men are now at far more of a premium at American Universities, since women are now in the majority?


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