Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Even the Chinese Heard About the Syrians Getting Ahold of the WMD

According to Iraqi Intelligence Document: ISGZ-2004-028179, from the Iraqi Files now publicly released.

Even the Chinese received intelligence that the WMD went to Syria, and this by January 10, 2003.

B. He mentioned that a meeting in Beijing in the beginning of this month was held between the Prime minister of China and the German Chancellor Schroeder in the occasion of the opening project for the fast train and the latter was asked about the information that was obtained by the Chinese intelligence and it says that Iraq has moved his mass of destruction weapon to Syria and the German Chancellor told him that the German intelligence did not indicate this. And after two days the US state secretary went to Damascus to check on this with the Syrian government that in turn denied this news...
I wonder if the Chinese also knew the Russians delivered them?

[Hat Tip: Barcepundit]


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