Sunday, December 18, 2005

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffers light stroke -

He is rushed to the hospital, during which time - according to some reports - he blacks out. Reports are that he is now conscious.
Earlier reports claimed the prime minister lost consciousness on the ride to the hospital, had to be taken into the trauma room on a stretcher and was confused when he awoke. However, according to reports from several sources, including that of the hospital's deputy director, the prime minister did not lose consciousness at any point, and even walked on his own into the trauma room.

So is the latter report correct? Or a "corrective" for public consumption?

Refuah Shelamah, Ariel.

According to Debka, the situation is worse than what is coming out now. Although since that is Debka's typical response, it is hard to know if that is true, or typical Debka-esque pessimism.

Apparently Sharon was treated with anti-coagulant treatment. And his personal physician is reporting no lasting damage.

And what do you know. Some Gazans celebrated this occasion by shooting their rifles in the air and handing out pastries on the streets. Others flashed the V sign for victory.

Plus ├ža change, plus c'est la meme chose.

Meanwhile, Lebanese Political Journal has some excellent reflections on better ways to direct Arab anger.

UPDATE: Allison Summer writes up the tenor of the jokes that started to fly in Israel as soon as it became apparent that Sharon was going to be fine:

Israelis being Israelis, the kidding started. I was at a meeting for my son's class just after it hit the news and got to bring the news to the room. One of the fathers said, "He was probably unconscious and all they had to do to revive him was stand in front of him and say "Bibi.""

It's true -- the prospect of how happy Bibi Netanyahu is going to be about Sharon's stroke is the best medicine possible for the Prime Minister.


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