Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Incredible Lightness of Being David Cameron

Melanie Phillips is not in the least impressed with the election of David Cameron to the Tory party's top spot. She calls him a shiny new leader. And goes on to add:

So maybe the country will indeed be thus charmed by this Lord of the Rings hero Frodo Cameron and his Samwise Osborne — who reportedly watched Tony Blair give birth to New Labour in the 1990s and decided then and there that the Conservative party needed similarly to tear itself up by the roots — as they set out on their journey to throw the ring of Conservatism into the fires of Mordor.

Whereas provides us with a long stately stare at how he managed to beat David Davis.

Well the one thing I am happy about, until I know more, is that Cameron appears to be surrounded by pro-American advisers. This suggests a large-ish shift from the Michael Howard approach, which so alienated the Bush Administration that there were never meetings between counterparts when one or the other was in suitable locations, as was normative in the past.


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