Tuesday, December 06, 2005

An Interesting Thesis on Harry Potter

SPOILERS for Book 6 Harry Potter and Speculation:

About Snape as the Unlikely Hero of Book 7 by Dave Kopel. Well, he's not the first person to state that, and I pretty much agree. Though I think that Snape's unlooked for death is the one we are going to be mourning, not Harry's.

I agree with some of it, disagree with other bits. I agree that Harry's Scar is the final Horcrux - which I think of as a dread crucible, though whore/cross is interesting, too. And I think he is going to approach the final task he is going to do at the end believing in his heart that he is going to die, but I think the Horcrux will be destroyed and he will live.

Though I think the author is all wet on RAB. As I recall, Regulus studied with the Potion Master (forgot his name) in Book 6. He was his student in Slytherin, so Regulus had the ability to become an excellent Potions student all on his own. In my own opinion, Regulus retrieved the horcrux with Kreacher in the boat with him. Because Voldemort's magic would not account for Kreacher, and the fact that Kreacher has a role to play also means that there is a reason for his existence in the novel to begin with.

And the Mirror is reporting that JKRowling may want to kill Harry off. Of course last week they also reported that Bush wanted to bomb Al Jazeera, so I am taking their little notification in stride. I think the one may be true in the same way that the other was. Bush may have joked about it, as did JKRowling.


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