Monday, December 05, 2005

Heh! One Review of Munich is Up!

Lead words: Simplistic and self-righteous.
I was invited by DreamWorks to watch the film with some other Washington-based journalists and came to one immediate conclusion: Israelis aren't going to like this movie, and for a good reason. It's the kind of wishy-washy Hollywood film that is difficult to connect to because it simplistically deals with an event and with people all too familiar to the Israeli audience.

Israelis don't speak to one another the way Spielberg thinks they do ... nor do they behave the way he portrays them as behaving. And most of them don't have significat doubts regarding the Israeli government's decision to hunt and assassinate the perpetrators of the massacre at the Munich Olympics.

It might be a discussion worthy of some debate, but the debate provoked by this film is too simplistic and righteous for Israelis to have any interest in dealing with it.


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