Monday, December 05, 2005

Israeli Heroines

Atiyah, the pregnant Israeli cop who today gave chase and tried to stop a suicide bomber. She was wounded in the attempt but she and her baby are expected to recover fully.
"He was not far from the entrance to the mall, looking at it, with his left hand in a bag," Atiya told Channel 1.

"I started following him, and when he noticed me he picked up his pace; so did I. When he approached the entrance, I shouted 'bomber, bomber,' and called on security guards to grab him," she recalled.

According to Atiya, "One of the guards held him and led him away while I ran to them. I decided that no matter what, I would take his hand out of the bag. When I finally reached him, he looked me in the eyes and triggered the bomb."
Five people were killed in the aftermath of the bomb.


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