Tuesday, December 06, 2005

UN Delays Statement Condemning Netanya Suicide Bombing

According to the Jerusalem Post, John Bolton announced that the UN statement condemning the Netanya suicide bombing was delayed by Algeria, which objected to the statement that the orders for the attack came from Damascus.

Only problem was that that orders did come from Damascus.
Earlier in the day, a senior Islamic Jihad figure in Gaza City denied that the organization had offices in Syria, claiming that their secretary general Ramadan Shalah left the country months ago. However, the Islamic Jihad, who took responsibility for the bombing openly admitted that it received its orders from Syria.

Responding to the Netanya bombing, US State Department deputy spokesman Adam Ereli told reporters: "The organization that claims responsibility for this attack is Palestinian Islamic Jihad and they have their headquarters in Damascus. So if anybody needed a reminder, this is it, that the Syrian government should take immediate steps to crackdown on this group and to inhibit its activities by shutting down Islamic Jihad offices and expelling its personnel."


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