Sunday, December 18, 2005

Spinning Munich Into Gold

What could be more cynical!

Not content merely with having former Ambassador Dennis Ross in his pocket to provide diplomatic soothing for his new film, Spielberg has now hired Eyal Arad, one of Ariel Sharon's spin doctors strategists, to market "Munich" to Israel.

So, not only does the film need diplomatic protocol, in the shape of Dennis Roth, but it needs political strategy as well to be introduced to the Israeli market. But it's all in a good cause: in order to make the corrective medicine, prescribed by good Dr. Spielberg go down smoothly.

Eyal Arad, who helped mastermind the disengagement, said on Sunday he was promoting the film "Munich,"where it has already stirred fierce debate.

"This market is an important market," Arad told Reuters.

"We are talking about a film that has generated a lot of interest here, and naturally that sort of interest can entail some negative reactions as well as positive reactions," he said.

How illuminating. Negative reaction as well as positive! Got any other platitudes to spin, Eyal?

I have to say though the idea that this man earlier helped market the Gaza Disengagement to the Israel public makes me rather queasy about the moral state of Israel. I'd rather thought that people on the side of Disengagement believed there was a principle at stake. And now we find the same man receiving bundles of hard cash to market the moral equation between Palestinian terrorists and Israeli counterterrorists.

Or does he actually believe in that bit of speciousness, too?

But, after all, consider the profit margin!

And of course the ├╝ber-sincere Dr. Spielberg wants to use this vehicle to make peace - perhaps Arad consoles himself with that.

And then there's this:

Avi Dichter, a retired head of the Shin Bet security service who attended a preview in Washington, likened "Munich" to a children's adventure story. "There is no comparison between what you see in the movie and how it works in reality," he said.

Nice that children's adventure stories now need to be presented to the public by way of spin masters who work for the Prime Minister of Israel.


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