Saturday, December 17, 2005

News From Iran

Good or Not? You Decide.

This from Michael Ledeen, in the Corner: I've just received a call from a usually reliable person saying that there was an assassination attempt in Iran against President Ahmadi Nezhad, who was in a car. His driver and guards were killed, and he is in the hospital, apparently likely to survive. I couldn't get any details about the intensity of the blue energy waves flowing from his cranium...but if this story is true it suggests that there are powerful folks in Iran who have decided the president is more trouble than he's worth...and they'd rather go back to the old deception of having someone who can lull the West into a false sense of security.

The reference to the blue waves hearkens back to a comment President Ahmadi Nezhad made that while he was speaking at the UN, there were green rays coming out of his head. Possibly a protective sphere to keep him safe from the influence of secularism and al kafirun at the UN? Who knows?

More at Pajamas Media and Judith Klinghoffer.

Well the guy is nuts; but is it better to have someone in office who would smile and preen and dissemble for the kafirun, who prefer to have the excuse to believe that Iran is not problematic? That's the question. President Ahmadi Nezhad, assuming he doesn't go on forever, is a bit of a wakeup call, in my opinion.


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