Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Preparing Ahead for Emergencies

Glenn Reynolds has an important post up on lessons to learn from Katrina for all of us in terms of thinking seriously about Emergency Preparedness and dealing with your own situation.

Meanwhile, Jay Tea at Wizbang has two posts up about Emergency Kits. The second link, above, contains instructions on how to make an extremely economical survival kit, although people in the comments suggest ways of making it even cheaper.

There is also some very intelligent remarks in the comments about what you need in your kit. Which makes me realize there are a couple of things I should add to my list. I need more duct tape, for instance. And a pressure bandage. And I probably should get some of this stuff stored together in one case. Some people suggest a gun as well, which is less economic, and probably good to have along as well. And a Leathermen knife.

And another commenter points out, for those who are poor, there is no need to collect all of these goods at once -- they can be collected over time.

BTW, for those who can get there, Walmart is currently running a special this week of large size, heavy duty flashlights that come with a six volt battery for $3.50. And I believe a replacement battery costs another $2.50. Although I can't say how well these things will last over time.


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