Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Just overheard in passing on Fox News Morning Show...

...That, according to one of the reporters walking through the SuperDome yesterday with the mayor, one of the things found was a large quantity of empty liquor bottles. Apparently a lot of people came to the Dome with the idea that they would party all through the experience.

Lovely. Sure. Come supplied. Don't bring food or water. Just alcohol, and drugs too, undoubtedly. Best way to handle a mortal crisis. Drunk and with your head up your ass.

Well that helps to explain the rapes and murders, including the rape and murder of small children. And shines a very unflattering light on certain segments of the civilian population on New Orleans.

I can't wait until the PTS alcoholism and intra-family abuse born of shock and despair really starts up.

Captain Ed has also noticed that ABC news finally asked Governor Blanco's office about their response to the evacuation. The office replied that it hadn't asked the Feds for evacuation assistance, because it assumed the mayor was taking care of evacuations.
Shortly before Katrina hit, she sent President Bush a request, asking for shelter and provisions, but didn't specifically ask for help with evacuations. One aide to the governor told ABC News today Blanco thought city officials were taking care of the evacuation.


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