Friday, September 30, 2005

More Serenity Reviews

Both the Washington Post and the New York Sun give Serenity a big thumbs up.

They both stress as well that the movie is not just for people who are already fans of the TV show.

From the Washington Post:
Fans of "Firefly," the fabulous but short-lived TV show that spawned this movie, mourned when the 2002 series was canceled after only 12 weeks. But in the now traditional kabuki of fan power, their enthusiastic snapping up of the show's DVDs prompted Universal to pony up $50 million for the big-screen version. They'll be thrilled at this reunion of endearing rogues.

It should be stressed right away, "Serenity" isn't just for the "Firefly" set. Writer-director Whedon -- who meteor-showered Planet Earth with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" -- is a pop culture ringmaster whose bullwhip dialogue, flamboyant characters and narrative genius can make an exhilarating three-ring show out of anything.

"Serenity" proves that conclusively.
And from the NYSun:
"Serenity" may not be the first word that comes to mind when you envision several desperate men and women fighting for their lives against a horde of ax-wielding, half-human cannibals, but Josh Whedon has always been a bit of an ironic fellow. His rousing new space opera, "Serenity," is the best interstellar epic to come along in many moons.
[Note, the full NYSun article only available for subscribers.]

It's the first movie since I saw Return of the King, where I wanted to see it again as soon as it was over. I didn't -- yet. Hopefully I will soon.

UPDATE: Here's Julian Sanchez's review, mapping out Serenity's Libertarian turf - interesting review that covers the philosophy of the film. But it contains spoilers - so if you are squeamish about that sort of thing, don't read it.

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