Saturday, September 24, 2005

We Decide, You Report

Throughout the right side of the Blogosphere today we've seen comments sarcastically haling the bang up job the media is doing at promoting the anti-war protest to make it seem like a major event; and why they have not provided any research about who the anti-war protesters are. That, according to the nature of the definition of reporters, is their job.

Wait! Could it be as Norman Johnson says, "The really brilliant thing about this conspiracy of silence in the creeping caliphate of the left is: there is no conspiracy! Like Mao's supine masses, most of the media droolocracy are now so vacantly subservient that gags are redundant."

Sounds pretty accurate in this case. Harry seems unamused. But I thought it was pretty funny. Unless that's supposed to be British humor. Hard to tell sometimes.

Michelle Malkin has some wonderful photos of the "peaceful" moonbats. Including one calling for the castration of "Dick" Cheney.

And Gene seems to feel that watching the demonstration on CSPAN has the reverse effect of what's intended. It makes him, no lover of President Bush, feel defensive of the President. Of course, at least in American English, that's a bit of a double entendre. But I think he means it in the nicer way...


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