Thursday, September 08, 2005

Check Out This Drudge Headline...

WHITE HOUSE MULLED SEIZING RELIEF MISSION // Invoke the Insurrection Act? Bush's senior advisers debated last week whether the president should seize control of the chaotic hurricane relief mission from the governor so that active-duty combat troops could be sent to enforce order... Developing...
Personally, I wish he had done it considering Governor Blanco's actions in the past 10 days.

But of course, if Bush had done it, we'd hear a lot of people saying to each other, wasn't it scary how militaristic the Government had become under Bush. Many people would be screaming about the Patriot Act and how we were now a fascist state. And the ACLU would be figuring out how to sue someone or other.

And now here's the link: Political Issues Snarled Plans for Troop Aid
But just as important to the administration were worries about the message that would have been sent by a president ousting a Southern governor of another party from command of her National Guard, according to administration, Pentagon and Justice Department officials.

"Can you imagine how it would have been perceived if a president of the United States of one party had pre-emptively taken from the female governor of another party the command and control of her forces, unless the security situation made it completely clear that she was unable to effectively execute her command authority and that lawlessness was the inevitable result?" asked one senior administration official, who spoke anonymously because the talks were confidential.


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