Friday, May 27, 2005

Anglican Angels

Oh this is lovely. On the same day that the British AUT boycott on two Israeli Universities is overturned, we learn this, from the Times of London, that the Anglican Church is considering divestment from Israel:

THE Anglican Church is to consider a report calling for it to dispose of its holdings in companies doing business with Israelis who “support the occupation of Palestinian lands”.

The report calling for disinvestment is to be debated by the worldwide Anglican Church in Nottingham on June 22. It mirrors a programme already begun by the Presbyterian Church in the US.

It would be unprecedented for the Anglican Consultative Council to reject the report.Once it has been accepted, the Church’s 38 provinces worldwide will be asked to implement it.

It's like they're daring themselves, in their erase the boundaries against Israel. And one of these days, of course, they are going to fall right back into the abyss of anti-semitism.

The report was condemned by Britain’s Jewish community last night. Irene Lancaster, a research fellow at the Centre for Jewish Studies at Manchester University and the author of Deconstructing the Bible, described it as “crass, one-sided and anti-Semitic”. She said: “The document is full of innuendo and supercessionist language and aims to separate Jew from Jew in Israel, which is a very common phenomenon in Jewish history.”

Of course, this differs very little from the approach of Engage during the boycott – to distinguish between the good Jews, who by the way are leftists, and the bad Jews, who are not and don't agree with British and European attitudes.


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