Monday, May 02, 2005


I just spent way too many hours fooling around with my Template, hoping I wasn't inflicting real damage as I experimented with some color changes, not altogether successfully I must report; and then playing with Mudville Gazette's suggestions on getting up and running as a blogger, sticking in trackback pings and such.

It's been a fun learning curve of late; but my, just as advertized, this thing eats time. It does make you want to compose, though, not just comment. So that is good.

And heh, all those people I used to know in grad school with the computer savvy, including a few ex-boyfriends...

Gee, if only I had known then how I would come to love my computer...I might have asked a whole lot more questions, or even once, looked interested when they were talking about it.

And now I'm trying out Wizbang's Standalone Trackback Pinger.

Stay tuned.

Update: Hmm. Not surprisingly. It hasn't been successful yet. I wonder what is happening on his end. Think of the horror!!

Update 2:

Nothing. There is no horror.
Okay, that's either better or more boring.

I wonder if the Haloscan will work and if I did that correctly.


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