Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Finally, Good News from Israel on that absurd AUT Boycott

So,Haifa University is finally taking steps to redeem its reputation and fight back against that ridiculous boycott. It's threatening legal action against the AUT [Association of University Teachers] in Britain, which a few weeks ago, boycotted it and Bar Ilan University for discrimination, or crimes against humanity, or being Jewish Zionist or for daring to still exist or reviving the apartheid state, or whatever precise, whimsical charge it was.

by M.A. student Teddy Katz concerning an alleged 1948 massacre in the village of Tantura.

The university also denies any recriminations against Pappe due to his support for Katz and to his calls to boycott Israeli academic institutions.

Haifa University, the letter concludes, "is entitled to seek damages, a retraction, and an undertaking against further publication of the defamations."

The university will await the outcome of a special meeting to be held on May 26, in the hope that the delegates will vote to overturn the boycott.

"We reserve the right to take further legal action as we see fit," Haifa University President Aaron Ben Zeev told The Jerusalem Post.

"The university considers the AUT boycott vote a violation of ethical norms which constitutes slander, and we don not think we should stand still."

"This time," Ben Zeev said, "I hope that contrary to previous times, the AUT will pay attention to the facts."

Let's hope that they sue those bastards asses off. Couldn't happen to a more dogmatic nicer group of people.

I particularly love the part, in this whole imbroglio, where the "liberal" demogogues refuse to allow anyone at the meeting to offer a rebuttal opinion before the vote.


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