Tuesday, February 20, 2007

When is Andrew McCarthy Going to Recant, Publicly

I think Andy McCarthy should be deeply ashamed of himself if he ever follows up on the Plame case.

I spent a long time being really cautious before believing that Fitz was a moonbat based on Andrew McCarthy's professional opinion of his colleague.

Fitz's defense rebuttal just passes everything, however. It's clear the guy loathes the Vice President and is willing to impute alll kinds of evil motives to him.

He essentially argued that Joe Wilson is a saint, Libby is eeeevvil for treating Valery Plame "not as a person but as an argument", he subliminally reminded the jury of the Iraq War is lie and the VP and Scooter lied us into the war so that the jury would feel biased about them - in other words, appealing to the wrong grounds in order to convict.

This is a sad day in American justice.

If you don't know what I am talking about, this is from Fitz' rebuttal, from the incoherent not a transcript:

Is this about a bunch of madmen, two men. Or is about somemthing bigger, Is it about someone to whom Wilson's wife wasn't a person, but an argument. He focused on it June 23, July 8, July 7, focused on it when he talked to Addington. His boss thought it was important. His boss thought it was important. Did his boss forget about the wife/ One of the first thing he wrote, did his wife send him on a junket. They both talked to a briefer about it. You can't believe that 9 witnesses remember 10 conversations the same way. There is no conspiracy. There is no memory problem. He remembers a conversatoin that did not happen. But forgets all of his. He had a motive to lie, and he lied in a way that exactly matches his motive. You don't forget something on Thursday that you've passed along on Monday and Tueday. You don't forget about important arguments. You know they talked about a cloud over the VP.,

DONT YOU THINK THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE ENTITELD TO ANSWERS. If as a result his wife had a job, she worked at CPD, She gets dragged into newspapers. People want to find out was a law broken when people want to know, who did it. What role did Defendant play. What role did VP play? He told you he may have discussed this with VP. Don't you think FBI desesrves straight answers. When you go in taht jury room, you commonsense will tell you hthat he made a gamble. He threw sand sin the eyes o fthe FBI. He stole the truth of the judicial system. You return guilty you give truth back.

After which, the judge says:

Walton: Sometimes during course of argument. Lawyers say things they don't mean to say.

Like hell FItz didn't mean to say it and to make the jury think it was only right to punish Scooter for the Iraq war and to bring into his closing things he had agreed were not part of the case. He was particularly frustrated that he never got to do cross on the Vice President and Scooter Libby, so he could try to pin this ridiculous scenarion on them in the first person.

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