Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Too Funny!

[Some spoilers for Children of Men, so don't read further if you don't want to know.]

I'm perusing a review of Children of Men written by that stupid fired Edwards blogger. According to KLO, at the Corner, it was apparently the last strike against her. So I'm slightly curious about it, because I disliked the film - which I categorize as a siren call to the heart of the nutroots angst, made by one who can exploit that malady well, being one himelf.

And I come across these line. So telltale:

It was moving and beautifully filmed, and the subplot about the leftist revolutionaries who are so dedicated to ideology that they forget the humanity that made them leftists in the first place could probably fit into a reactionary film. Could, but probably wouldn’t, since the subplot is rather too subtle for your wingnut crowd. After all, there’s a division between the grounded socialists and the People With Egos, a distinction that would be lost in a genuinely reactionary film. In sum, this movie would have been great no matter what the subtle political themes.
Apparently, the nutroot actually believes this is too sophisticated an analysis for someone tainted by rightwinged politics. She clearly equates being right-winged with a form of brain necrosis.

Moreover there's the implication there that revolutionaries who are so dedicated to ideology that they forget their ideology is actually a reactionary concept. As if only reactionaries would have such wicked thoughts about revolutionaries.

And then there's this - which has me giggling:

IThe great mystery of the movie is why all the women are infertile. No one quite seems to know, but this is my theory. Considering that babies are a symbol of hope in the movie, and that the patriarchy is viewed as the source of violence
and distrust, and considering that it’s only women that are infertile, my interpretion is that women’s bodies went infertile as an unconscious abandonment of hope. It’s like one worldwide uterine strike against the mess we find ourselves in.

Aren't you glad that we can't yet control fertility universally - because if we could, I'm sure someone on the left would arrange a worldwide uterine strike!!

Oh God! The horror!

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