Thursday, February 08, 2007

Russert the Hypocrite

In a previous post, I produced Russert's testimony showing that privately he spoke to an FBI agent about his call with Libby, the same call that later on, publicly, he fought against "being forced to reveal" because, as a member of the elite press, he did not want to create a chill with sources who would feel newly vulnerable.

So isn't it nice to find Tim Russert hassling Bob Novak about the ease with which he, Tim Russert Bob Novak revealed his sources to the Grand Inquisitor Special Prosecutor and the Grand Jury.
Russert asked Novak why he seemingly gave up so quickly without a fight.

"We were subpoenaed at NBC," Russert said. "We fought the subpoenas. Time Magazine subpoenaed, fought the subpoenas. The New York Times was subpoenaed, fought the subpoena. Why didn't you fight the subpoena?"

Well, isn't that special?

This is just one of those stories that will keep on giving for a long time...

Hat tip Clarice Feldman.

Clarice Feldman posts a longer article on this subject at American Thinker.
In the cross examination of Tim Russert this week we learned that although he'd made quite a show of fighting the prosecution's subpoena, asserting he did not ever and could not ever violate the principle of source confidentiality, he had on one or two occasions revealed to an FBI investigator over the phone the details of that Libby conversation prior to his charade of fighting the subpoena. He had in fact filed a false affidavit.

..."A pot calling the kettle black" doesn't begin to capture the breathtaking hypocrisy of NBC News' premier Washington journalist.

See also Tom Maguire, who takes this evidence and runs with it, just to see how funny it all gets.

And don't forget his comments, the many 1000s of them, where all the humor and much illumination is to be had. Today's mystery, disclosing the identity of the Thread Herder...

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