Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Interesting snippets on Libby's Role in OVP

So this is among what Libby was working on, before Joe Wilson's enormous ego got upset that people actually were treating him, allah forbid, as a low-level type. And decided to start a national scandal and cost tax payers millions, and personally disrupt the government and people's lives, all so his ego would feel better.

This would interest Michael Ledeen and Chris Hitchens:

John Hannah Signs of internal turmoil in Iran, that "people" in USG monitored quite closely.

C Student protests something that you and Libby were monitoring.

John Hannah tried to watch internal sit in Iran closely.

C Iran harboring AQ leaders, some of whom had contacts outside of Iran.

John Hannah THis has all been declassified by govt?

C Just a yes or no, please?

John Hannah Yes.

C Libby considered possible means of obtaining custody of AQ terrorists.

C Looking at it in unclassified terms, why was Iran such a concern.

John Hannah Iran a major state in ME, one of the most populous, for the last 25 years a declared adversary of the US, probably trying to acquire nukes, and WMD, major state sponsor of terrorism, in this case, shared a border with Iraq at a time when we had forces in Iraq. Some reason to believe Iran trying to undermine US purposes.

C For you and Libby. Dealing with Iran Libby devoted considerable amount of time and attention. Turn to ME [hey, Cline, Iraq IS theME]

BTW, that idiot, the empty wheel, keeps childishly calling John Hannah "the Year of Iran", instead of his name, because of "the next war is Iran," mantra the left is spewing these days. I changed it here. Her other [mature] comments are in [].

And more:

The ballad of Andrea Mitchell by "Curly Smith"

85 days and what do you get
3 months older and branded a twit
Saint Fitz don't you call me 'cause I don't know
I sold my soul to the Peacock show

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