Saturday, December 30, 2006

Rachel Corrie: Dismissed on the Merits

Good for Canada, or at least one theater production company therein.

Toronto's Canadian Stage Company has decided not to stage My Name is Rachel Corrie, the controversial play about an American peace activist killed by an Israeli bulldozer.

It was a decision based on the play's merits, rather than the political controversy that dogs it, CanStage artistic producer Martin Bragg said in an interview with "It was an artistic decision," said Bragg, who saw the play in New York. "It just didn't work on stage."

And this decision comes from someone originally interested in the play, and moved by reading it, deciding that the play did not work dramatically on the stage:
"If you cut through the hysteria around this play — which is being created by people who haven't read this play or gone to see it — the real problem was, no one went to see it," he said.

A dramatic failure. Good for him. Not everyone likes to pay for an evening of undiluted propaganda.

Hat tip: Pamela

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