Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hizbullah paying Gazans for Kassam Attacks on Israel

Saddam's successor as an enabler of terror in Gaza has arrived - and its Hizbullah:
Hizbullah is paying Palestinian splinter groups "thousands of dollars" for each Kassam rocket fired at the western Negev, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

According to Israeli intelligence information, Hizbullah is smuggling cash into the Gaza Strip and paying "a number of unknown local splinter groups" for each attack.

Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) sources said the Islamist organization paid several thousand dollars for each attack, with the amount dependent on the number of Israelis killed or wounded.

"We know that Hizbullah is involved in funding terrorist activity in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank," a security official said.
So that is the Iranian backed Shi'ite army paying Sunnis in Gaza to fire Kassam missiles on Israel.

When the spirit so moves them, Sunnis and Shi'ites are capable of a unity of purpose.

In other news, during the last month - which was a period of ceasefire - 64 missiles fell on Israel. The good news is that is only a quarter of the usual amount.

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