Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Trees in Kabul

It is good to note that the capitalist spirit is alive and well during the Christmas season in Flower Street, Kabul:
Located in the heart of Kabul, Flower Street is different at Christmas from any other time of year, transformed into a festive place full of trees decked with multicolored tinsel garlands and lights.

"After the Taliban, we started to make Christmas trees because lots of foreigners are around, and they are asking for them," said Eidy Mohammad as he decorated a tree at his shop, the Morsal Flower Store. "Business is growing — we had only the wedding season before, but now we have Christmas as well."

Let's hope for more news of this order from Kabul and much less news of Muslim converts to Christianity being hounded and prosecuted.


The article makes note that the Christmas decorations are made in China, which makes them just like the ones we have in the United States.

As I have noted before on the blog, I really enjoy Christmas trees as well. I love walking by the yet unsold ones on the streets and smelling that wonderful spicy-tangy evergreen scent. I always miss them when the streets are clear again and they are gone. It seems really empty with all the greenery removed from the streets, especially when the cold, bleak weather of January sets in and the streets seemed bleached to white. Though, if current trends continue, we may avoid that this year.

Last week, I saw a forsythia in partial bloom on West 81st. Street.

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