Monday, December 18, 2006

The Daily Mail Reports on the state of Bethlehem

And amazingly for a British paper, gives an accurate account of the current desperate situation in Bethlehem for its small remaining Christian population.
"As Christians, we have no future here," [one Christian inhabitant] says...

"I would rather have a beautiful dream in my head about what my home is like, not the nightmare of the reality."
And what is the nightmare of the reality? Here is an anecdote that gives a pretty good synopsis of the lives of Christian Palestinians in Bethlehem.

Jeriez Moussa Amaro, a 27-year-old aluminium craftsman from Beit Jala is another with first-hand experience of the appalling violence that Christians face.

Five years ago, his two sisters, Rada, 24, and Dunya, 18, were shot dead by Muslim gunmen in their own home.

Their crime was to be young, attractive Christian women who wore Western clothes and no veil. Rada had been sleeping with a Muslim man in the months before her death.

A terrorist organisation, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, issued a statement claiming responsibility, which said: "We wanted to clean the Palestinian house of prostitutes."

Jeriez says: "A Christian man is weak compared to a Muslim man.

"They have bigger, more powerful families and they know people high up in the Palestinian authority."
This desperate situation has been well known for a long time, so it is about time it is finally reported in Britain.

Meanwhile Jimmy Carter, for example, is blaming the Moslem treatment of the Christians on the apartheid Israelis.

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