Saturday, December 16, 2006

An Anecdote from Natan Sharansky

I'm sure many of us know people who voice opinions just like this.

From Powerline:
UPDATE: It is well known that President Bush has been inspired by Sharansky's book, The Case for Democracy. Sharansky said today that American Jews (among whom number many world-class Bush haters) tell him all the time that Bush has not really read the book. However, Sharansky reports that whenever they talk, Bush discusses the book in a way that makes clear his complete familiarity with it.

Similarly, when Reagan died last year, many of our leftist friends popped up with the news that Reagan did not help bring down communism.

On the one hand, you have leftist friends voicing such an opinion; on the other hands, the voices of many in Poland and the former USSR, including Sharansky, who stated that Reagan helped a lot.

Gee, who to believe? It's not really a hard contest.

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