Saturday, December 02, 2006

Constant Vigilance!

My job is to think like a dark wizard.

So I was watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire tonight; and I had the (semi-silly) thought that Alistair Moody - the real one, not the fake one - would feel right at home at JihadWatch and LGF. He would make a perfect mascot for them.

I had another stray thought lately about the Harry Potter series, of a more arcane nature:

If Severus Snape is playing twice undercover - that is, if he is actually working for the good side, while acting at the end of Volume 6 as if he were fighting for Voldemort after all - than there is a secondary reason for him to have lost his temper when Harry dives into the pensieve in Volume 5. It is absolutely necessary that Snape not reveal to Harry the shape of the events to come concerning Dumbledore's death, particularly as Harry is unable to conceal his thoughts. If Snape and Dumbledore planned "Snape's public betrayal" as a way to place him near Voldemort in the final volume and, seemingly, as the best chance to win the fight against Voldemort, then Snape's conspiracy with Dumbledore about Dumbledore's death is one of the thoughts Snape, no doubt, painstakingly removed from his mind, only to find Harry carelessly exploring the Pensieve at his return.

But Harry, instead of learning something that will imperil the future plans of Snape and Dumbledore concerning the ultimate fight, learns something about his father that makes him miserable and humiliates Snape instead.

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