Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Objective Reporting From Reuters

On Tuesday, a Reuters cameraman, working in the West Bank, was remanded into custody by the Judea-area military court.

What were the charges, you ask? Nothing special. Just the usual kind of objective methodology we've now grown accustomed to seeing from the Reuters' reporting staff in the Middle East:
The cameraman, Imad Muhammad Intisar Boghnat, was arrested and charged as a result of violent riots in the Arab village of Bil'in, in the Modi'in region, on October 6, 2006. A videotape that the prosecution presented to the judge shows Boghnat encouraging and directing rioters in Bil'in to throw large chunks of rock at Israeli vehicles in such a way as to cause maximum damage. The accused is heard shouting, "Throw, throw!" and later, "Throw towards the little window!"
But, of course, this is perfectly fine. He only wanted to get a pristine shot for Reuters demonstrating the deplorable conditions in the West Bank.

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