Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Welcome Wagon - Palestinian Style

Remember that dear old cultural institution that used to exist in the US, the welcome wagon. Whenever you moved into a new neighborhood, various delegations of people would arrive and welcome you to the neighborhood, with small gifts of food, information about schools and activities for the kids, churches, synagogues too in some neighborhoods, etc.

Well it seems they have something similar in Leeds University in Britain and it's run by the Palestinians. This is the email Melanie Phillipps received from one of her readers describing it:
I took my daughter to Leeds University: the first thing we found on entering her hall of residence was a welcome package in the form of an envelope filled with all kinds of ads and info for new students plus 2 bottles of bubbly! However when I turned the envelope over I discovered to my disbelief that this welcome package had not been sponsored by the university, as I had expected, but by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. The back of the envelope included a paragraph urging ‘a cultural, academic and consumer boycott of Israel to change its policies of expansionism and occupation’. I was absolutely appalled that this would be the first thing every single fresher would read on arrival in halls of residence. I intend to complain to the university on the basis that it has allowed such an organisation to use this opportunity as a political platform.
Yep, let's ban Israel academicaaly and economically. And here's two bottles of bubbly a pop for a bribe as the initiation fee.

One only has to wonder which oil which Arab nation is sponsoring that.

Although the funny part is - it's clearly not a Wahhabist one, unless they don't know that their money has gone to be spent on buying alcohol for the infidels.


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