Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's Hunting Season For Democrats

Who are they hunting? Gay Republicans.

Outing specialist Mike Rogers has “outed” Senator Larry Craig as a closet homosexual.

Senator Craig denies the charges. He's currently married, has three children and 9 grandchildren.

70% of Kossites believe that outing gay republicans is a fine and dandy sport. I suppose the number might budge over time, but it is holding consistent in the last few hours.

UPDATE: According to Red State this outing is payback for not voting against Alito at the confirmation hearings, before which time Mike Rogers threatened to out a closeted United States Senator at a politically opportune time tif he voted for Alito.

That charge, if true, is not just deplorable but moves it into the realm of bribing a public official, a far more serious charge.

Just yesterday morning, though, I was reading about a more traditional kind of hunting season, the kind that takes place on "woodlots and fields across America" - on Confederate Yankee. He was used the article largely to recommend weapons for homeowners, who were gun owning novices, who wished to purchase guns and ammunition appropriate for their protection.

Personally, I found this a more interesting read, particularly as Mary of Exit Zero and I went shooting again, and this time I used a 9mm instead of a 22, as I did last time. It's an altogether different experience - far more intense and a far heavier weapon, which really effects your aim. Moreover, I could still feel the kick from the rifle on my jaw and shoulder two days after the shooting. And his point about comfort with the gun being an entirely different thing for those with military or police training, for whom the gun becomes a daily part of life, made perfect sense. The magazines we were using contained 10 shots apiece and it took a lot more effect to squeeze off 10 with a 9mm than a 22, because of its greater recoil and report.

Though personally I want to master the martial arts roll with rifle, after which you leap up and start shooting. I can already do the roll and the leap into a kick, so I don't think adding the rifle as ballast for the roll should present a problem. And it just looks so neat.


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